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Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Beast Awakens...

The new year is here but we have by no means been dormant over the festive period... Stoner-Claus was very busy this year...

December saw the launch of our new single "Emerald Lord of Pleasure" from our forthcoming second e.p. Work has been on going throughout the month and we hope to bring you the fruits of our labour this spring! 
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December wasn't quiet on the gigging front for us either. After the single launch we had the pleasure of playing the Phoenix Music Venue in the lovely town of Kildale. It was a blast playing along side some great bands whom you should all check out. Namely 9TH Life, EdenFire and Taibhse! Many Thanks to our good friend Sandra who put us up! It was a night of eminent craic!
The road home was highly comical also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more of our drunk/hungover shenanigans!

We've ended 2012 as we intend to carry on throughout 2013! Rocking heavy riffs and wrecking peoples necks! On New Years Eve we rocked home turf in Keady town. This was the debut unleashing of a new local Keady outfit Only Escapades! A fresh rocking riff oriented band who we look forward to hearing more from in the future. Fair play to you lads! Hail the riff!
Also many thanks to our friend Vinyl Tap (of Freedom 35's fame) for taking care of rock funk DJ duties and everyone else who turned out on the night! It was a great way to rip open the new year!

NYE Keady 2012
NYE Keady 2012
NYE Keady 2012
NYE Keady 2012

We like to send our special thanks to David Roy of the Irish News who mentioned us twice within the same number of weeks in his article Noise Annoys! (Read it Friday's along with the gig guide!) David touted our debut e.p."Back to the Bog" as one of his favourite of 2012. High praise indeed as we were mentioned alongside so many great bands, such as our local 'buddies' ;-P Gascan Ruckus, as well as Derry riff hallions Triggerman, Droids and many others!

We've also had the honour of being featured on Heavy Planet's new compilation "Bong Hits from the Astral Basement", which according to last know reports has now been downloaded 1200 times! "Live for Nothing" the final track from our debut e.p. is track number 3 on the compilation. We're reaping the rewards of our alphabetical prioritization! If you want to listen to a top class collection of heavy riffs, download your free copy from Heavy Planet's bandcamp.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us, bought some merchandise and in anyway supported us throughout 2012! We've had a great year and a fruitful 7 months on the Irish music scene.We played the guts of 30 shows nationwide, gained over 1500 dedicated followers on Facebook and Twitter and a very similar reaction to our first official music video which was uploaded just over a month ago. We couldn't have done it with out you and we look forward to bringing you new noises in 2013! 

As recording continues... 
Clark Phillips working his magic at Great Northern Productions

Our next show is on the 19th of January, in Voodoo, Belfast and see the reformation of local doom legends Bad Boat! They will be re-releasing their 2009 e.p. "Lonely Doom" on vinyl. Support will be from ourselves, our doomster friends Nomadic Rituals and Cutter. See you there!

Many thanks! Doom on!