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"Emerald Lord Of Pleasure"

Friday 11 October 2013


So, the day is almost upon us and last minute preparations are underway. We'd like to take a moment to extend our gratitude to the many hands involved with helping this little excursion of ours become a reality. 

First and foremost, the lad that made it all happen, Ryan McCormick, axe-wielder of Kasper Rosa and juggernaut booking fiend from Mt. Avalanche. Thanks Ryan, you're a true gent! 

The Dude

David Roy for his, once again, kind word in The Irish News. You've been a fan from the start man and we couldn't appreciate your support any more! 

Kez Whelan from Terrorizer for simply being a really dead on fellah.

Brian Coney for the promotion of the Belfast show and all the lads for any and all promotion of the tour on their individual outlets. 

Our ex-bass player Damo who, in great time of need, is still always there to help us out when possible, thanks brother, we love ye for it! 

For the use of a trailer to tow our gear around around Ireland, Karen Ingram deserves a huge thanks, bass man JonJoe has been busting his hump but he's got er sitting pretty for us with a few adjustments and repairs. 

To the lads from FiveWillDie, if we had not have been down at Mr. Bradley's in Cork with you all on the 27th of last month we would have never known such a decent spot. We had a gig cancelled in the town elsewhere and when we got wind of it, Mr. Bradley's was the obvious choice. We couldn't let you away that easy, Cork!

And of course to everyone who shown love to us guys, we are truly humbled by the support and we're very much looking forward to getting a bit of slogging under our belts. 

If you think you can make it out to a gig, there's a line up of dates on the facebook event page which can be found HERE.

In other recent news we've had a new print of merchandise with a few new t-shirt designs, all penned by the wonderful W. Ralph Walters. His work is amazing, check him out at www.wralphwalters.com

Upon completion of the tour we return to do some pre-production on some new tracks and drum tracking begins around the end of October. We're hoping to have something to share again around the end of the year and a release for early 2014. Work is also being done to have some artwork to share before the recording process unfolds. 

Until next time folks, may the craic be mighty, shenanigans aplenty and the drink flowing free.