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Wednesday 15 August 2012

DRINK “THE ASTRALNAUT”... alone if you like!!

The Cally, August 11th

Enjoy “The Astralnaut” as you rock out alone or with friends!

"The Astralnaut" all you need to make it is a bottle of Banijiu
Unfortunately bottles of Banijiu will not be available at gigs but we have lots of lovely new merch which you can pick up at our gigs! 
Consisting of tee-shirts, stickers, CD's and other little trinkets! 

There was no drinking alone at the weekend anyway! There was no Banijiu either for that matter! But plenty of pints! And plenty of rocking!! A great weekends craic on local turf!! And we had our good friend Tomas McKenna on site to document the affair!

The Cally, August 11th
More great live shots to come!! 

A powerful show with compatriots in rock! We hope to repeat it again real soon. All the bands played a blinder but in-case you missed it check them out for yourselves...

who's reputation precedes them and the legends from Lurgan!

Now that Keady has been shook once more we move on! This weekends helping of Astralnaut will be served in Lurgan and will feature the debĂșt of a new Lurgan outfit Jekyll and Hyde... prog/funk metal ! Can’t wait to check them out!

It’s going to be a good one!! We’ll bring the beer, you bring the Banijiu! 
Hope to see you there!


Tuesday 7 August 2012

Rock agus Roll!!

The Limelight, Distortion Project, August 4th 

Powerful performances on Saturday night!! Two gigs in one night, fatigue was a factor (considering Skyliners staircase!) but once we hit the stage the adrenaline was pumping! Had a blast at the Distortion Project playing alongside FASTLIFE and the mighty...

who undoubtedly we will being seeing more of! Many thanks to James of the Distortion Project for having us, a pleasure as always!

The Limelight, Distortion Project, August 4th 
Our next gig was up many a stair! Playing Skyliner! It was a great crowd with many characters contained within! We had the pleasure of jamming with Clare Morrison, who played sax over G.U.P.I! A combination that worked surprising well! and maybe repeated in the future!
Clare saxing it up @Skyliner, August 4th 

Deadly craic was had! And we shifted a good amount of our new goodies!! (Take a look below) So get your ass down to our next showing and get your hands on some!! We're down to the very last few copies of the first press of our E.P!

Skyliner, August 4th 

The next show is going to be something special! Back on home soil! Playing with some local legends!!

Look forward to seeing some straight up hallionism! and where better than in the lovely town of Keady!


Friday 3 August 2012

Road trips and play lists!

Mason's, Derry-13th July.

Last weekends road trip to Kildare was immense! Played a really enjoyable show and shared the stage with two great bands!! The bands on the night were definitely riding the same wave so to speak!! The groovy stoner vibe is alive!!
Check out the supporting bands:

Of course many thanks to The Phoenix Music Venue in Kildare for having us! We had a powerful night!! Fuelled with beer rock and weed!!

Our road trip playlist looked something like this:
Sweet smoke
(Please note: The full track listing could not be shown, some names have been omitted to save embarrassment, some call them 90’s classics!)

Our next road trip will be to Belfast tomorrow the 4th of August! We have the pleasure of playing two gigs in the one city on the one night!! Bring it on!!
The First:

The second gig is a charity night dedicated to the memory of Damien Pattion of Spiral Force, a friend of our own Damien and Pearse from their Third Harvest days! A full array of music and performance will take part on the night! Entry is £10 and this will be a bring your own beer event! Follow the link for more details:

Heres a link to our live gig review from the last time we ripped up Belfast:
That will give you a taste of whats in store!! Hope to see many friends and fellow rockers this night!!