Tuesday 7 August 2012

Rock agus Roll!!

The Limelight, Distortion Project, August 4th 

Powerful performances on Saturday night!! Two gigs in one night, fatigue was a factor (considering Skyliners staircase!) but once we hit the stage the adrenaline was pumping! Had a blast at the Distortion Project playing alongside FASTLIFE and the mighty...

who undoubtedly we will being seeing more of! Many thanks to James of the Distortion Project for having us, a pleasure as always!

The Limelight, Distortion Project, August 4th 
Our next gig was up many a stair! Playing Skyliner! It was a great crowd with many characters contained within! We had the pleasure of jamming with Clare Morrison, who played sax over G.U.P.I! A combination that worked surprising well! and maybe repeated in the future!
Clare saxing it up @Skyliner, August 4th 

Deadly craic was had! And we shifted a good amount of our new goodies!! (Take a look below) So get your ass down to our next showing and get your hands on some!! We're down to the very last few copies of the first press of our E.P!

Skyliner, August 4th 

The next show is going to be something special! Back on home soil! Playing with some local legends!!

Look forward to seeing some straight up hallionism! and where better than in the lovely town of Keady!


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