"Tipping Point"

"Ego Eccentric"

"Emerald Lord Of Pleasure"

Thursday 3 May 2012

Back to the... studio!

After 6 months hard work and with our first E.P. 'Back to the Bog' for imminent release, for download and CD pre-order, we decided to reward ourselves. With a return trip to the studio!
A taste of what's to come and a sneak peek into our return to the recording process:

Drum tracks going down for the next series of tunes.

So more doom laden riff monstrosities coming your way! But fret not should you be impatient! Our first E.P. can be heard right here: http://soundcloud.com/astralnautband

Rocking tunes to keep you entertained! So let us know what you think and tell your friends!


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