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"Emerald Lord Of Pleasure"

Thursday 13 December 2012

A Quest for the Wicked

Ten days ago we were all getting excited to release our second single from our current work in progress (due for release in early 2013) and the unshackling was well received. Emerald Lord of Pleasure took too the glorious world as fervently as he was admired. 

Along with the offer of free download (BANDCAMP), the track is conjointly acknowledged in a music video along with some trippy occult satire and heavy doses of rockin'. 

After the online release on Wednesday we made our way to The Mother Fuzzers Ball at Fibbers Magee's in Dublin on Thursday. Ran by an amazing fellow called Matt Casciani, 'The ball aims to serve the pleasure palette of all stoners, fuzzers, groovers and doomers alike. In with all the usual challenges of attracting attention to a new event Matt balances a healthy work life with his own band, Electric Taurus. Fair play to ye man, you're holding the tribe together!

Motherfuzzers on this night was particularly well matched. Kyzyl Kum a stoner doom duo from outside Bordeaux, France, gave us the ultimate fuzzy trip to begin the night. Following were Dublin's own Celestial Burn and these groove merchants fairly brought the pace up a bit. All in all the night was amazing, great fun between the band members and mighty craic all around. 

Here's a shot of the bands and sound engineer Jean-Claude in the greenroom post gig. Massive respect to Jean-Claude, he is easily one of the best engineers in the country and Matt behind the camera. 

Fast forward four days and we're in Auntie Annies after having just setup and had a sound check. The tension builds, positively, as riots spurred by some colored material rage on in Belfast city, a horde of noise loving fiends made their way out to party with us in celebration of our newest release.

If it weren't for the two great acts, Nomadic Rituals and Annapurna the energy in that room would not have been as high to encourage us and the audience together. Such a great response to an equally honest performance. Thank you so much to all for coming out on a cold and damp Monday evening among the ever politically torn northern capital.

And not only this but the pleasing request for an encore bellowed from the audience and after much deliberation and confusion we whipped out a tune that has made the cut for our next release. Here's a wee taste of Urban Brawl, filmed by the guy that directed and produced our first official music video, Stefan McShane.

So, onward for Astralnaut, Friday the 7th we recommenced recording with Stephen on the drums and Beano Kinneas at the helm. We are continually settings plans for further studio ventures so watch this space.

We have also received some new snaps from our very good photographer friend Tomas McKenna (check out his work here) and we are very pleased, here's a peak but if you wish to see more visit our facebook page

Saturday the 15th of this month see's us back to Kildare for a good oul blow out with our mates from The Phoenix Music Venue. The bill on this night includes friends of ours, 9TH Life along with EdenFire and Taibhse.

Then the last gig of the year for us lads is New Years Eve. This night promises to be a good ole traditional hometown stomper! With Keady's newest birth Only Escapades and longtime scene-riders Chocolate Love Factory, we intend to blow the town away at the tipping point and into 2013 with grooves hanging!
And to end the night in true style we have a very good friend of ours, Vinyl Tap, spinning records until ye cant dance no more.

Keep the hallion hand strong people!


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