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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Astralnaut - Trampions of the World

It been almost a month since we've made a blog entry, A MONTH! Things must be getting hectic or something...

Since the last time you heard from us we have had many great nights, meeting some awesome people, being involved in some pretty messy late night parties and early morning kitchen raids. 

Lurgan town was hit hard on the 17 of August and we had the pleasure of playing alongside Jekyll and Hyde for their first ever showing and also the ever amazing Katabolisis. If any of you enjoy some seriously crushing riffs and an even more brutal live performance, check these guys out, IMMEDIATELY! 

The following week we were very excited to be making the trek back up to Omagh to play a gig for Uproar Omagh which is ran by the true local music zealot Gary Todd. On the bill this night were the impressively rockin' Hesh and local heavyweights Axis Of. But i think the most memorable thing about this night for the band (and possibly for all the bands) was the Doom Chicken squad. Fair play to you lads, you made our night in Omagh and we hope to meet with you all again very soon. 

The next night we flew ourselves to The Warzone in Belfast and we instantly fell in love with this place. Its DIY atmosphere and everyone that works as a part of this amazing collective make gigging here comfortable and fun for all involved. 
The night we played was the second to last night of the illustrious Warzone Fest which lasted a whole week and hosted performances from Dead To Me (US), Gascan Ruckus, Empty Lungs, Roysta, Gacys Threads, Putrefaction, 1000 Drunken Nights, Pocket Billiards and Runnin' Riot

Our next outing was another wild and wonderful evening. The people of Derry City always give us a wonderful buzz and an even stronger reaction ever single time we play there. On this night we shared the stage alongside the band we popped our walled city cherry with, Libido Switch. Not much can be said about this band for its just something you have to experience but it goes without saying that you will get a severely aggressive dose of honesty out of these hallions. 

Massive thanks to Aidy and Squinty for the party, the folks from Acari and Balls Deep and all the other mad cunts from Derry for making our night that bit more interesting. Also, we really appreciate the Derry City Independent Hostel for not booting us out over our late night antics, kitchen raiding and tempo mapping snores, needless to say little sleep was had this time around. 

Now, onto the recent movements, The Pavilion in Belfast on Saturday night. I, personally, am speechless. First of all big thanks to Amelia at Dark Horse Promotions for the slot. Second of all, FYLTH WYZZARD!! "What the absolute fuck just happened!?", was the general thought. It was just as they said, a 30 minute sound check. If you were in the mood for a galactic oddessy this was the set to catch. 
Next was Spiral Force, full on bluesy hard rock with a pinch of the Egyptian desert in there for good measure. The lads never fail to impress and on this night they were very much on their game. Check out Amun Ra for a taste of what you'd be in for in the future.
Now the massive shock of the night was a band that traveled all the way from Cork. On public transport!! That's impressive. Iweriu blew the whole place apart with their strange mix of drone, stoner, doom and dark ambiance. Most notable was their front man's performance, to talk to you would not imagine what you witness in his stage presence. Great job lads. 

As we roamed the streets of Belfast, randomly bumping into friends along the way, we feared we may be making use of the nearest bus shelter but thanks to a good friend of Gaz's we had place to sleep with a roof over our heads, regardless of the cardboard box blankets. 

Onward for gigs, this Friday we prepare for another siege on Belfast, we are happy to be playing alongside the awesome Angry Chair, Dublins tribute to Alice In Chains. The following week we make a return to Derry to rock alongside our brother and sisters from Acari and Libido Switch on friday the 21st and on the 22nd we head to Dublin. On this night we will be supporting By Any Means and Gacys Threads on the penultimate date of their European Assault which starts tomorrow. Have a blast lads, we'll see you soon ;)


It'll be a great rip of shows so come on out for the wreckin' and some banter over pints!


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