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Sunday 16 June 2013

"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily"

 So since the last we discussed our happenings we were getting lined-up for the launch of our latest release, 'In The Gaze Of The Gods' and a mighty party it was indeed.

Thanks to Cutter and Bad Boat for joining us on this night, couldn't have asked for a better lineup and on the farewell gig of our bass player Damo.

For some weird reason there's no pictures of this night so here's Tom with respect for the recently departed.

The following fortnight we schlepped ourselves to Derry City once again for a mighty siege featuring some of our favorite bands from the island, Nomadic Rituals and LibidoSwitch. Respect to both bands for making the trek. 

Dont fuck with Rituals!

Galway bound the next week, lined up to play alongside Dark Matter, WeedPreist and Brigantia among others at the city's premier Stoner/Doom music fest, WALPURGIS!

Massive thanks to Trevor Seery for putting us up, taking care of merch and for just being a total legend in general. And of course WeedPriest for the hefty afterparty. Check out Trev's podcast of everything Desert, Stoner and Rock from Ireland and beyond @ FuzzedOutRadio and DesertRockIreland

The most self-less man in music, Trevor Seery.

Even went the next day and our our free comics on Free Comic Book Day!

Onto Newry the following week to share the stage with Ireland's premier Tool Tribute act, The  Grudge. The Newry metal brigade was out in full force and then some seeing to it that it was hard to move in the place from start to finish.
Massive thanks to Martin @ NewryRocks for the invite and The Grudge lads for being such a sound bunch!

The Grude, absolutely slaying the crowd!

Next week the Limelight was graced once again with Red Six and Scimitar in celebration of 'The Curse' being release into the wild with wild abandon. Red Six tore the place apart, kudos folks.

Ready to launch full scale into the writing process when all of a sudden dear old Mr. Anderson from LibidoSwitch, Derry's mad hallion hardcore crash course asked us to join a bill in Masons the following Friday, no rest for the wicked. Sometimes the unexpected ones are the best, this night proved to be exactly that!

LibidoSwitch, takin care of business!

For the next few weeks we took to the bunker and plotted our next moves and got stuck into some new material. Gaz even broke out the SG, thanks to JonJoe. He wears it well, dont ye think...?

After a few weeks of rattling around some fresh material and succeeding greatly we were chomping at the bit to get back into the llive environment to blow the cobwebs out and we were due to join Spiral Force on their album launch. Cheers the lads ,The Empire and Johnny @ Shizznigh for the night, it was quite the circus at times but all in jest.

Even got the session if full swing with both bass players, one happy family!

Totally addicted to bass...

Some pictures from that night, courtesy of Colin Patterson.

And of course the obligatory pre-gig drinks...

Plans for the nest few months are to write as much as we possibly can for a new body of work planned for release sometime before the end of the year. On the live side of things we have the esteemed pleasure of playing with Oregon rockers and one of our favorite bands at the moment, Red Fang, in The Speakeasy, Belfast tomorrow night.
Alongside Triggerman we look forward to introducing these guys to the audience.
Big shout out to Phil Hamilton and the QUBSU crowd for getting it together and Relapse for getting the band out there a bit more, these dudes are tearing it up!!

More updates to come very soon about merch, new records and hopefully photos or videos from the Red Fang gig and more...

Here's a goat skull...


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